February 3, 2018

Passion turned this shy corporate slave into a Public Speaker

A tale of a common man to follow his passion

Igor has been working in the corporate world for 5 years, doing online marketing. Originally from Russia, he relocated to Switzerland about a year ago to find a job. During his search, he realized that what he was pursuing in the corporate world was everything else than what he dreamed of doing.

That’s when we started working together.

One of the things he disliked about his corporate career was the fact that his work seemed to make no real difference. Sure, maybe the company made some more money but there was no sense of fulfillment for him in helping a random organization that he had nothing in common with to make more money.

Igor has a huge passion for social media and he always wanted to use his passion to help other people and inspiring organizations become successful. Something that Igor has always naturally been very good at is public speaking so it made sense to combine it with his passion for social media and create a career around that.

Igor set out for a quest to become a world-class social media consultant and leverage his public speaking skills to market himself to inspiring organizations and leaders. After getting this clarity about where his path is going, things started falling into place.

He got invited to work at the Olympic Games in Sochi through a Swiss connection. One thing led to another and he met a few people who invited him to speak at an event on social media.

He worked incredibly hard on building his social media consulting business and he is well on track to making it big.

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